Factors to consider when getting a math tutor in Singapore

Since Albert Einstein’s era, math has been quite a complex puzzle whose pieces are still a bit too tough for most people to put together. To some, it is a fun game of numbers which only requires you to use your wit. Math has become a source of concern for most parents whose children are having a difficult time trying to grasp the formulas involved and how to solve the problems.

The good news is that even Einstein, the godfather of math, had problems grasping what his teachers were teaching him and they even gave up on him. This is quite an inspiration especially to the kids going through what Einstein went through. This shows that they, too, can accomplish and achieve the highest grades in math.

Qualities of a good math tutor in Singapore

When things get too sticky for you to handle as a parent, you should consider maths tuition singapore for your child(ren). Here are the qualities that they must possess;


Warm and friendly

No child can stand the horrible sight of a mean-looking tutor and the unbearable thought of spending hours on end with this individual ‘helping’ they solve math problems. A good tutor must interact with their students in a loving and friendly way as this will help the learner open up about what exactly the problem is.


Experts will know how to get to the learner’s head and understand why they are different from the other children when it comes to grasping mathematical concepts in class. What’s more, they will offer quick solutions that will work perfectly for both the parent and the student.

Must be passionate

Attitude is everything and is quite infectious especially when it comes to this subject called math.A positive attitude will teach the learner that they have all it takes for them to achieve the best grades.

Creative in the methods of teaching

The same old methods will bore the learner, and the mind will automatically drift, and they will find it difficult to concentrate on what is being taught.

What to consider before getting a math tutor

It is not appropriate to get up one morning as a parent and decide that you are getting a math tutor for your child(ren). This is something that you need to discuss with your partner first and then with your child. Your child needs to be in the picture for them to be prepared psychologically and know what to expect from all the sessions.


You should also consider your finances. If you can afford to hire a math tutor, then go ahead and get the best you can find because your child deserves only the best.

Put your child’s schedule into consideration. It could be that your son or daughter is a very busy student who engages in almost all of the extra-curricular activities at school and so you need to be thoughtful of them. For instance, your child could be expected to attend soccer or music practice, among other engagements that will help mold and shape their future. Be supportive and talk to them first.