Functions Of A Video Game Tester

A career as a game tester or beta tester is pretty exciting as it actively engages one in the continuous development of games. The game tester has the first encounter with the game before it is released for consumption and is charged with the responsibility of quality assurance. Click here for the video game tester salary. Since video game testing is an intense process; the following functions explain the actual role of the video game tester;


Break the game

hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhjA video game tester is not expected to play the game but rather to break the game. The tester uses all his knowledge and skills to create multiple scenarios that challenge the gaming software thereby identifying existing flaws. In breaking the game successfully, the tester can play through all gaming levels and ensure that the game works by the game’s manual instructions.

Moreover, proper video game testing will ensure that the game’s different characters play their roles as programmed through engaging them in automated test cases. By breaking the game, the video game tester ensures that flaws that would hinder the proper functionality of a game are established and rectified thereby guaranteeing quality.

Identify bugs or glitches

In video game testing, flaws in the gaming systems occur in the form of bugs or glitches. Therefore, it is the duty of the video game tester to identify bugs that indicate that there were problems in the programming of the software. Bugs and glitches in a game bring about wrong tabulation of figures, graphic glitches, irregular character game play or poor user interface resolution which needs to be identified and fixed. Bugs and glitches may occur in millions hence the video game tester needs to be thorough with the bugs list and ensure that they discard erroneous and duplicate bug reports which will significantly influence how the users interact with it to ensure fun game play.

Repetitive simulation

A video game tester has to have natural gaming abilities to sustain the pressure that game testing brings about. The tester is charged with the responsibility to repeatedly use the game software in different scenarios to ensure that the simulations work in a perfect manner as programme. The simulations are quite time to consume and require that the video game tester remains patient such that they do not overlook these flaws but also exercise their problem-solving skills to fix them.

Matrix testing

ghghghghghgghghhghghgVideo games are set to run through complex matrix settings. Beyond the extra terrestrial abilities, video game testers should ensure that the gaming software programming puts into consideration the articulation and proper calculation of figures.

Gaming matrixes are common in combat games and involve reward or scoring systems that enable the users to graduate from one level to another or use the reward proceeds to acquire certain privileges. Hence proper working of these has to be ascertained through repeated testing.